Does your Yoga Studio Website have you Twisted?

Are you frustrated with your website? Do you know that your yoga studio needs a new website but are unsure of what to do? Most yoga studio owners face a similar situation. Let’s face it, you didn’t open a yoga studio in order to become a web designer. You know a website is critical to the success of your yoga studio, but you also know that simply have a basic, generic website is not enough. You’ve probably spent both money and time but are less than excited about the results. Many web design companies out there talk a good game, but are you getting the results you were promised? How do you know which web design or branding agency is right for your yoga studio?

Why Downdog Creative

For a moment, let’s break down the development of a website into two parts: Technical expertise and domain expertise. From a pure technical standpoint, we have spent the past 20 years practicing our craft. We have seen the trends come and go and have learned (sometimes the hard way) what works and what doesn’t. We do all of our coding in-house and have intimate knowledge of every aspect of every website we design. And although we believe we are at the forefront when it comes to technical expertise, it is our extensive experience working specifically with yoga studios that sets us apart from everyone else.

We have done the research over and over, we’ve worked in small markets and large ones. We’ve taken the time to learn the yoga studio space inside and out. We’ve done market research, interviewed yoga studio owners, teachers and students to gain insight into every aspect of the business. Over the years, we have taken that knowledge and have developed strategies proven to help yoga studios grow.

We’ve Failed

We attribute our success to the fact that we’ve failed. Now we know that may sound counter intuitive but based on extensive trial and error we’ve learned what works for yoga studios and what doesn’t. We know what potential students respond to because we’ve done this before. It is possible that with enough time and money you may gain some of that experience, but the question is why would you want to? There is no reason for you to have to reinvent the wheel. Use our proven strategies to create an impressive web presence, attract more new students and increase revenue from your existing students.


Although we’ve done enough twists to be able to pat ourselves on our backs, that’s not what this article is about. Downdog Creative has put together a team of expert designers, developers and marketers passionate about both their work and yoga. We believe it’s this unique combination that set us apart. Contact Us today and let us show you how we can help you grow your yoga studio and increase your revenue and profits.

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