The Importance of Quality Content Marketing for Yoga Studios

What is content marketing?

When it comes to marketing yourself and your yoga business, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself is to show off your unique voice and expertise through content marketing. Yoga studio content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that involves the creation and dissemination of specialized content that educates or entertains. Content marketing had grown in popularity over the years due to its great success in driving customer action!

What type of content appeals to yogis?

Today’s yoga practitioners both young and old are accustomed to consuming a variety of content online. When deciding what type of content to feature on your yoga studio’s website, take into consideration what you are most comfortable creating. Are you a strong writer? Do you find it easy to express yourself verbally? Would you like to educate, entertain, or both? Quality content for yoga businesses can take many forms:

  • Blog posts: A blog is the perfect place to showcase the depth of your knowledge about yoga and demonstrate your studio’s unique approach. Because yoga is an ancient and continually evolving practice, there are endless topics for blog posts. For example, your blog could explore specialty yoga topics such as prenatal yoga, yoga for runners, choosing a yoga mat, and more.
  • Video: Many yoga students are visual learners who prefer to watch video rather than read. As a yoga instructor, you are probably quite comfortable in front of a crowd and a camera; if that is the case, producing video content for your responsive yoga studio website is the perfect opportunity to show off your personality, yoga proficiency, and teaching chops to potential students. In this way, your studio can also tap into the growing demand for yoga instructional videos online due to the popularity of sites like YouTube, Daily Burn, Gaia, and Cody.
  • FAQs: An FAQ section on your website can be a quick and easy resource for those who are new to yoga or are discovering your studio for the first time. Are there certain questions that you repeatedly hear from yoga newcomers? What about questions that your veteran clients ask all the time? What do you want a first-time visitor to know about you and your business? An FAQ section can answer these questions and more, as well as link back to other sections of your website or social media for more in-depth information.
  • Any other media that interests you!Any other media that interests you! Content marketing can take virtually any form, including podcasts, downloadable instruction guides of specific yoga poses or workouts, lists of resources for new yogis, and even “Ask Me Anything” sessions, which are popular real-time FAQ events that are conducted over streaming video or online forums. With content marketing, the sky is the limit!

Why is content marketing right for my yoga business?

It takes time to create quality content for your yoga studio’s website, but it is well worth the effort. Content marketing serves many valuable purposes:

  • It sets you apart from the crowd. Great content increases your yoga studio’s brand recognition and reputation. With many studios popping up this is vitally important. Potential clients want to know what makes you special; content marketing is a creative answer to this question!
  • It is a great way to engage your customers. Updating your yoga studio website regularly with new content keeps people returning to your site, drives traffic to your social media accounts, and makes sure you do not drop off your community’s radar. High quality content is also more likely to be shared among your clients’ friends and followers on social media, further extending your online reach.
  • It drives business! The added exposure and engagement that comes with content marketing will ultimately translate into more foot traffic in your yoga studio.

Start reaching new clients with content marketing today

With all the possibilities afforded by content marketing, it can be difficult to know where to start. A professional yoga studio marketing firm with national experience such as Downdog Creative can help you create a strategic plan for incorporating content into your yoga studio’s website and social media accounts. Get in touch with Downdog Creative today to discuss how we can raise your brand awareness, attract new customers, and deepen your current relationships with content marketing.

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