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Let Downdog Creative do the work to get you new clients online. Hundreds of thousands of people are looking for the services you offer. We simply put you in the best position to convert them into clients.
Downdog Creative help yoga studios grow by employing a tried and tested strategy we developed and refined with over 20 years of custom yoga studio website design and development, search engine optimization and online marketing. Our unique system gives our clients a significant advantage over their competition and helps them increase revenue and profit.
We begin each project by learning about your yoga studio. We know the Yoga space but we will take the time to learn what makes your yoga studio unique. We will outline your current growth strategies and develop a plan that will increase the number of new students using proven web marketing strategies.

Without question, the hub of any successful yoga studio online marketing strategy is the creation and design of the website. Working with Downdog Creative you can trust that you are in the best hands. Our design and development team understands knows the yoga space.


There are literally millions of people searching for yoga studios. Once they arrive at your website, you must make an immediate good impression or they will quickly look elsewhere. Studies show that you have roughly 8 seconds to make your case before visitors EITHER take the time to learn more about your yoga studio OR leave your site in search of a better place to learn and practice.



If you do not communicate a strong brand presence and a compelling reason to stay, you are going to lose visitors before they get a chance to find the true value of your yoga studio. Additionally, if your website does not look great of ALL DEVICES, potential students may not find the information they are looking for and again continue their search. At Downdog Creative, we are not just good, we are the best. All of our yoga studio websites are responsive, and will look and perform beautifully on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.


Great Design + Cutting-edge Technology + Industry Knowledge = Guaranteed Results

Once your new responsive website is designed and developed, it’s time to start! Downdog Creative’s focus is to drive more potential yoga students to your website and convert them into leads. Additionally, we help you increase revenue from existing students by target marketing additional services to them.



  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    Search Engine Optimization is the first, best and most cost-effective way of driving people performing internet searches to your website. We are proven search engine optimization experts. Through strategic content placement, a tested keyword strategy and proper coding, Downdog Creative will help improve your search engine result page (SERP) placements with major search engines. We can improve your rankings for keywords that drive more potential yoga students searching the web to YOUR business.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

    SEM is also known as pay per click or paid advertising. Search engine marketing works via major search engines and many popular websites to ensure that your studio shows up where your clients browse. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and at all times you retain complete control over how much you spend, where your ads show up, and who you want to target. SEM targets people in the buying process, resulting in more students.

  • Social Media / Local Business Listings:

    The third component of our approach is management of your yoga studio’s social media & local presence. It is critical that you improve brand awareness, engage with your audience, and/or advertise on social media. Websites such as Yelp, Google+, Google Places, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local have all proven to drive new potential yoga students to our clients.

At Downdog Creative, our websites have one goal: to convert. We refine your messaging and calls to action to convert potential clients into actual clients. It is important that upon arriving at your website, we communicate to your visitors what makes you different, and why they need to contact you. Once we have gained their attention, we provide them with the information that will reinforce their decision to stay and ultimately become a client.


3 key components will convert potential yoga students into CUSTOMERS:

  • Yoga studio website designs that are beautiful, innovative, and built to convert
  • Professionally written content that inspires your visitors
  • Cutting-edge technology to power it all

Separately, each of the above elements can be powerful. Together, they create a conversion-driven website built to bring you customers.

Customer Service: We’re part of your team

Our customer service sets us apart from other web design agencies and marketing companies. We know that you are busy running and growing your yoga studio, and you have no time to waste on waiting for support. We keep support simple. You will have one point of contact – a single person dedicated to your account. We will become part of your team, we will get to know your yoga studio and we will get to know you!


Evaluate and Improve: It’s Not Enough to be Successful, prove it.

We believe the initial success of your website at launch is only the first step. We will give reports showing how your website is performing, where your website visitors come from, which keywords are working are which are not. We will then work together on developing an ongoing strategy to strengthen your marketing efforts.

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