10 Quick Ways to Increase your Yoga Studio Website’s Conversion Rate

Maximizing your yoga studio website’s conversion rate is crucial your success. If your website is not getting you new clients, then it’s just an online brochure. But what exactly is conversion anyway? Don’t be scared, I know it sounds a little “cultish” but trust me, it’s a good thing. We’re not talking about your students getting your studio’s logo tattooed on their heads or anything like that (although, that may be pretty good for lead generation).

Many yoga studio owners equate conversion with buying – as in converting a lead into a client. And while that is a certain form of conversion, in it’s most basic form, website conversion is simply getting a visitor to do something you want them to do. This “something” may be filing out a contact us form, signing up for your newsletter, signing up for a free class pass, buying a multi-class pass, etc. As I mentioned previously, if this is not the main objective of your website then you are wasting your time.

Let’s take a look at 10 quick ways to increase your yoga studio website’s conversion rate.

1. Sometimes Less is More

You want users to submit their information to you in an email opt-in form. I know that every marketer will tell you that the more information you have about a client the better. That’s true, you would be able to do more segmentation if you gathered more information, but guess what? Do you want to sit there and fill out a 2 page form just to sign up for something? Ask for too much and you’ll get nothing. Get what you need and understand that this is only part one of the sales funnel. There will be other opportunities to gather more information.

2. Use Testimonials as Social Proof

Use real testimonials from real people. Potential student will like to read what others have to say about their experience with your yoga studio. Testimonials provide social proof which we promise will lead to more conversions. Testimonials can be used throughout your website, but especially on landing pages.

3. High-quality Images Only Please

I get so frustrated when I see bad images on websites. I sit there thinking that my iPhone can take better pictures than that. Bad pictures make your yoga studio look dingy and dark, not to mention unprofessional. If you want to increase conversions, WOW visitors with your photos.

4. Use Video

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then how about moving pictures with words. Adding videos to your website let’s your visitors connect with you and your yoga studio on a much more personal level. They get to hear your tone and have a better opportunity to envision the type of experience they can expect.

5. Use Calls to Action

As I mentioned, a conversion occurs on your website when a visitor does something you want them to do. The best way to get a website visitor to do what you want is to tell them. You want them to click a button? Say it. You want them to fill out an email opt-in form? Say it!

6. Call to Action Buttons, Not Links

A little more on the subject of CTAs. It’s much easier to make a button stand out than a link. A button can be large, obvious, colorful and use different font sizes, making it a much more enticing target.

7. Get Potential Clients Excited About Your Yoga Studio

Why should a potential client come to your yoga studio? I bet you could list 5 reasons off the top of your head. Now get excited about those reasons and communicate it in a way that will get your potential client excited.

8. A Friendly Face

Photos of your staff are a must. People want to see who the teachers are, and they will connect with a face much more than with words. Sometimes, adding a headshot near your CTA can lead to a significant increase in conversions. The headshot connects to action you want the visitor to take with the your yoga studio and makes it much more personal interaction.

9. Address objections

Why is it that people don’t want to try yoga? Again, I’m sure you could spout off a few reasons at a moment’s notice. Whatever the reasons may be, you should address them head on. Rather than letting these objections fester in the minds of your potential clients, get them out of the way as soon as possible. Do that and you will be one step closer to increased conversions.

10. Have a Professional Website

Potential clients will quickly evaluate your yoga studio’s website by visual design alone. Your brand and your website should exude professionalism and expertise. If your website looks like an amateur designed it, or it is not responsive (read more about responsive website for yoga studios) you are undermining the trust of your potential client. When the trust is gone, so is your conversion.


Short of providing your yoga class schedule and some contact information, your website should have one goal in mind: increasing conversion. Your yoga studio’s website should be a machine, working 24/7 to generate leads and giving you the opportunity to turn them into clients. We only reviewed 10 quick ways you can improve the conversion rate on your website, there are many more. One aspect of conversion that we have not addressed yet is tracking. I will make sure I cover how to track website conversions in a future article.

ANY DOLLAR AMOUNT spent on advertising before your website is designed professionally and optimized for conversion is a complete waste.

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