5 Ways for Yoga Studios to Get Started with Social Media

As you know, it’s critical that you create a Social presence for your yoga studio. Users look to social media to find recommendations from their trusted network with regards to buying products and services. Most times, a recommendation from a friend is all it takes for you to get a new student. In fact, buyers are 29% more likely to make a purchase the same day when using social media as a decision influencer. While yoga studio owners can’t make current and potential students use social media, they can control what is available socially to help influence potential clients.

But often Social Media is an abstract and intimidating challenge. One of the questions we get from many owners is “how do I get started with social media for my yoga studio?” While there are endless strategies you can use, we wanted to help studio owners get started with social media.

  1. Photos

    Taking a selfie right before class with a few willing students and then posting it could help you get started and promote your studio. Share some photos of teacher meetings, or the friendly face working the front desk will help people engage with your team and in turn your brand. Sharing the comings and goings of the studio also helps people connect with the studio and view it as more than just a place to practice yoga. Students included in photos are also likely to share the photos after they are posted.

  2. Blog Posts

    Are there any upcoming events at your studio? Write a blog post about it. Are there any workshops or teacher training sessions coming up – let people know. Once you get going, you’ll easily come up with more ideas of what to write about. Each shared post is an opportunity for both students and potential students to engage. You are starting the conversation and letting the crowd join in. Make sure to vary your posts so that you appeal to the various interests of your audience.

  3. Q&A Videos

    Can I do yoga after eating? What does Om mean? How often should I practice yoga? You get questions almost everyday and those questions could be a great source of topics for short videos. Have another member of the studio help you record short videos on your phone. Keep answers short so that the videos end up being between 30 – 60 seconds each. Since the video is already on your phone, it should be very simple to post it. Make sure that you don’t try to sell or promote anything, you are simply there to provide information. People will connect with the sound of your voice and will begin to feel comfortable with you. This in turn will help you get new students.

  4. Content Curation

    It’s time to post something, but you were so busy that you don’t have anything ready. Well, it’s time to call an audible. You no doubt have many contacts in your yoga network, many of which implement some of the strategies we included in this post. Why not give them a boost and share a piece of their content and comment on it. Not only will you be adding content to your accounts, but you will also be helping out a friend.

  5. Go Mobile

    Social is easier when you’re mobile. Every social media platform has an app available and some implement a mobile-first approach (Instagram). Owners sometimes have this idea of having to sit at their computer to create content and post it when sometimes nothing could be further from the truth. Pick someone at your studio and make it part of their job to manage your Social presence. If you are a smaller studio, you may have to be that person but that just gives you the opportunity to personally connect with your audience. Install the Social Media on your phone to make your life easier. You will now be able to post content and respond to comments when you’re on the go. Sometimes a fun photo taken while running errands gets a huge response!


We hope these 5 ways yoga studios can get started with Social Media are helpful. As you begin to market your yoga studio Socially remember that consistency is the key. Get in the game for the long run and we promise you will see results.

If you need any help with social media, search engine optimization (SEO) or are looking for a yoga studio website designer, please contact us. We can help you improve your online presence and grow your yoga studio business.

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