Why Responsive Website Design is Critical to Yoga Studios

Research shows the more web users visit websites on mobile devices than desktops. With the seemingly endless release of new mobile devices, users have an incredible selection of screen sizes to choose from. Back in the days, we used to develop different websites, one designed for mobile and another for desktops. Those days are long gone. Every Downdog Creative website now utilizes responsive designs. If you’ve heard the term responsive website design before and have been unsure as to it’s meaning, here is a quick explanation. A responsive website will re-format itself to fit any screen size, without the need for horizontal scrolling. The website therefore “responds” to the exact dimensions of each website visitor. (check it out)

Why Responsive Webdesign

There are many advantages responsive design has over the traditional multi-website approach.

User Friendly

Search engines, like Google, should rank results based on how likely the visitor is to get the information they are looking for on a particular website. The more likely you are to provide the user with that content, the higher your website should rank. However, we should not forget that just because your website contains the information doesn’t mean that the user will actually be able to find or use it. Google now penalizes websites that do not offer a mobile or responsive version. FACT: If you do not have a mobile or responsive website you are losing potential business every day. A responsive website design is considered best practice by Google and guarantees that every user on every device can access the content your yoga studio’s website provides.

No Duplicate Content

With a responsive design you no longer have to worry about being penalized for duplicate content on your website. Since there is only one version of each web-page, search engines will only index each page once.

Reduced Bounce Rate

In a previous article, we discussed Website Analytics You Should Be Measuring for your Yoga Studio Website. One of those metrics is bounce rate. Your website not displaying correctly on mobile devices is one of the top reasons for mobile visitors immediately leaving your website. That is a potential student that left even thought your studio may actually be a great choice for them.

Local, Local, Local

A recent Google study shows that 50% of customers visit a local business within a day of visiting the website. Think about that for a moment! A potential student is looking for a yoga studio and is likely to visit a studio within 1 day of that search. Those are people looking for exactly what you offer… you shouldn’t lose them because your website is not designed properly.


Responsive is the way to go. By this point there should be no question in your mind that responsive website design is the way to go. Although we only covered a few reasons in this article, the list goes on. Your users won’t care that your yoga studio has a responsive website, they WILL CARE about the fact that the website is fast and easy to use on every device. Is your website responsive? If not, what are you doing about it?

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