Does a logo really matter?

Your logo is a shorthand visual representation of your yoga studio. What do potential clients think of your studio when they see your logo?

Look as good as you are.

[ Differentiate Yourself ]
Your logo should make a statement and help you stand out in a sea of other yoga studios. Clients should be able to quickly identify your logo and have a positive emotional reaction to it every time they see it.
[ Be Flexible ]
Your logo should work for you on any medium and in any color. Whether it is showing in full color on your website, or a single, solid color on T-shirts or yoga mats, your logo should appear vibrant, clear and recognizable.
[ Keep It Simple ]
Simple is better. Studies show that simple logo designs are more easily recognizable and are ultimately preferred by clients.

Enough talk Show me what you mean

Our yoga studio logos are not only visually stunning, but are also targeted to appeal to your potential clients. Downdog Creative designers bring creativity, passion and expertise to help yoga studios differentiate themselves.

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