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Make a great First Impression

Studies have shown a website visitor takes less than two-tenths of a second to form their first impression of your yoga studio. In the next 2.6 seconds, that viewer's eye concentrates enough to reinforce their first impression of your business.


[ What you see is what you get ]
Your yoga studio may be fantastic, it may be a great place for beginners and advanced yogis and you may have personable, knowledgable and fun yoga teachers - but the truth is that visitors to your website will judge your yoga studio based on the look and functionality of your website.
[ Aesthetics ]
Your website is a reflection of your yoga studio and the level of service you provide. It's critical that you present a visually appealing, polished and professional image. Your website may be the first, and often only, impression a potential client receives of your yoga studio.
[ Easy to use ]
Is your website simple to navigation? Do you have a mobile or responsive version so that users easily find the information they need anytime on every device? Our custom yoga studio website designs address these and many other critical questions.

How We Do It

Like learning a new asana, building a great website requires a strong foundation. There are other web design companies may be great with design. At Downdog Creative, we pride ourselves on being the only website development company working exclusively with yoga studios.
  • 1
    We want to learn about you and your studio. We want to know your story and your goals. We establish sales objectives and develop a communication strategy that is aligned with the path that lead you to where you are and the foresight to get you to where you want to be.
  • 2
    Now that we have a map, we let our talented designers get to work. Our designers work together with out marketing specialists to create a beautiful, easy to use website layout designed to convert your website visitors into clients.
  • 3
    Next we let our tech geeks (don't worry, they call themselves that) do their magic. They implement custom HTML5 code written all in house to develop an interactive and user-friendly responsive website for your yoga studio.
  • 4
    Now it's time for us to test. We run an extensive series of tests to make sure everything works as it should. Once we are ready, we launch. But as we all know, there is no perfect pose. Post-launch, we continue to monitor and measure performance.

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