5 Common Online Marketing Mistakes Yoga Studios Should Avoid in 2016

Now that 2016 is here, many yoga studios are revamping their online marketing strategy. It’s time to reevaluate the past year and use the lessons you learned to formulate a stronger and more effective online marketing strategy for your yoga studio.

So if you are looking to design a new website for your yoga studio, increase lead conversions or start a new social media campaign, make sure you avoid these 5 common online marketing mistakes.

  1. Quitting On a Marketing Campaign Too Quickly

    In their ongoing effort to attract new students Yoga studios may choose to implement both organic and paid search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns as well as other marketing strategies. Each campaign comes at a cost of both time and money, leading some studio owners to make rash decisions regarding the success of each effort. It is important that you allow for enough time to pass before drawing any conclusions. The complete impact of each marketing campaign may not be evident immediately. SEO campaigns for example may take several months before their full effect can be measured. Your yoga studio’s marketing company should be tracking and analyzing your website traffic data to make any needed adjustments to your current strategy. With an ongoing and proactive approach you can optimize your current campaigns and maximize your returns.

  2. Implementing a Narrow Approach to Online Marketing

    Like it or not, for your studio to grow you need to outperform your competitors. Like investing, online marketing requires a diversified approach for the best chances at success. You may choose put some effort into an organic search optimization strategy, begin an SEM campaign, build a larger email marketing list or begin an effort designed to increase unlimited monthly passes sales. Many owners make the mistake of focusing too much on one element and neglecting others. You want to make sure that your approach targets various audiences previously identified for specific growth objectives.

  3. Forgetting About Mobile

    Do you have a mobile website for your yoga studio? or better yet, a responsive website? If not, that’s a huge problem. Studies have shown that over 66% of internet users make buying decisions on a mobile device. If your website is not designed to specifically offer the optimal user experience on mobile devices you are missing out on getting new students in your yoga studio. Additionally, Google now gives preference to websites that offer this enhanced experience across the various devices. If you do not comply with this Google best practice you may be dropping in the search engine rankings with every passing day. Redesigning your yoga studio website with a responsive layout give you the best chance at improving your Google ranking.

  4. Underestimating the Importance of Online Reviews

    If you don’t believe that online reviews are important for your yoga studio, please contact us immediately. Did you know that 88% of consumers trust reviews they read online as much as they do a personal recommendation?! And 72% said their trust in a local business increases based on positive online reviews. This improved trust in your yoga studio will result in more leads and therefore more new students. Make sure to monitor websites like Yelp and Places to Yoga for reviews to give yourself the best chance at managing your online reputation.

  5. Failing to Work With Rather than Against Your Marketing Firm

    How much do you trust your current yoga studio web designer or marketing company? If the answer is not “A TON,” then consider why you have them in charge of one of the most important aspects of your business. If you do trust your current provider and consider them a partner in your venture then you should let them become an extension of your yoga studio. The world of marketing is always changing, and “one and done” is never the right approach. Make sure to keep the channels of communication open with your marketing team and keep them up to date with what’s going on at your studio. This will put them in a position to best serve you and help you grow your studio.


If you truly want a fresh start for your yoga studio in 2016, leave these 5 common online marketing mistakes behind as you enter the new year. If you are interested in expert advice about how you can grow your yoga studio and improve your overall online presence, contact Downdog Creative.

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