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How to Grow Your Yoga Studio: Understanding the Costs

One of the most important aspects of building a successful yoga studio is understanding the cost of growth. As we all know revenue is the income your yoga studio receives from traditional business operations such as drop-in fees, multi-class passes, unlimited passes, yoga workshops, privates, merchandise, etc. We also know […]

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Yoga Studio Pinterest Marketing Mistakes

Many owners have created Pinterest accounts for their yoga studios. They use Pinterest to share content with their students and other users who may be interested in yoga or wellness in general. A common mistake we see yoga studio owner make on Pinterest is that they treat it the same […]

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Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to your Yoga Studio Website

Have you recently looked at your yoga studio website analytics. By now you have set up social media accounts for your yoga studio and are sharing content with your followers. Providing valuable content is a great way of increasing brand awareness and lead generation. But what is your content creation […]

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10 Easy Tips for Marketing Your Yoga Studio

Often when we meet with yoga studio owners, we find out that they are struggling to increase the visibility of their studio. Many established yoga studios are finding that they are losing students to new studios. New yoga studios are more interested in building a a nice base of students […]

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Why Responsive Website Design is Critical to Yoga Studios

Research shows the more web users visit websites on mobile devices than desktops. With the seemingly endless release of new mobile devices, users have an incredible selection of screen sizes to choose from. Back in the days, we used to develop different websites, one designed for mobile and another for […]

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Analytics You Should Be Measuring for your Yoga Studio Website

You’ve probably heard the term Analytics thrown around at a marketing class or conference workshop you’ve attended. Website analytics is the evaluation and identification of important patterns is user behavior data. How are users coming to your yoga studio website? How did they find you? What pages did they look […]

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Does your Yoga Studio Website have you Twisted?

Are you frustrated with your website? Do you know that your yoga studio needs a new website but are unsure of what to do? Most yoga studio owners face a similar situation. Let’s face it, you didn’t open a yoga studio in order to become a web designer. You know […]

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