Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to your Yoga Studio Website

Have you recently looked at your yoga studio website analytics. By now you have set up social media accounts for your yoga studio and are sharing content with your followers. Providing valuable content is a great way of increasing brand awareness and lead generation. But what is your content creation strategy? We put together a few guidelines that will hopefully help you create the content your followers are looking for.

Judge a blog post by it’s title

What made you come here and read this article? Probably the title. Titles are an extremely important aspect of blog posts both in terms of search engine optimization and social media dissemination. Users are inundated with content and choices and it’s imperative that the title captures their attention. If your title does not do it’s job, users may miss out on your great content.

When creating titles for your blog posts, it’s a good idea to think of what makes you click on one article over another when you do a search. Write a few different versions and imagine which one you would be most likely to visit. Here are a few tips. Try to appeal to website visitors’ desire to learn, use numbered lists, or answer a question you know they have.

When is the best time to post my content

This is really a topic that deserves it’s own article, but we’ll cover the highlights. First identify the best times in the day to publish your content. This is a function of your target audience and their behavior. Also, analytics will show you if your visitors are accessing your website via mobile devices or desktops. Next, you can use scheduling software to automatically post your content at the determined times. This will increase the number of retweets, shares and likes your content receives. You might choose to re-post the same piece of content several times to further improve response.

Make sure your content is mobile-ready

We recently published an article about the importance of responsive website design to your yoga studio website. We can not emphasize enough how important it is that your content is optimally available on every type of device. Remember, users are always one click away from leaving your website. The content may be there, but if the presentation or user experience are lacking, the user may choose to leave.


The more popular your content is socially, the more visitors you will get to your website. Every person who decides to click on one of your social shares is giving you an opportunity to convert. They are already interested in what you have to offer, now all you need is a yoga studio website designed to convert leads into students. Website designers leverage your valuable content with a strategically place call-to-action to increase the number of leads your website generates. What strategies do you use when writing blog post titles? When do you find is the best time to post your blog post? Is all of your website content mobile-ready? These are some interesting questions that should impact the content you develop and how it is disseminated socially.

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